Zhuhai plans to build a new 40km municipal gas pipeline this year

Yesterday, the reporter interviewed the directors of the Zhuhai City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, the Zhuhai Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau, the Zhuhai Municipal Audit Bureau, and the Zhuhai Eco-Environment Bureau at the “two sessions” in Zhuhai to understand the priorities of various departments in 2019.


The directors also answered the suggestions and opinions put forward by the representatives of the “two sessions” and the members, and put forward their own ideas in light of the actual situation of Zhuhai. The programs and measures are targeted, and there are fewer “incomprehensible” and more “real”. The directors’ frankness and positive response are encouraging and they are full of expectations for the future.


Fang Xiaoyong, director of the Zhuhai Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau, said that the key work in 2019 can be summarized into three “strongly promoted”.


“The first is to vigorously promote the reform of the housing system, speed up the establishment and improvement of the “multi-agent supply, multi-channel security, rent and purchase” housing system, and improve the level of people’s livelihood security.”


“In 2019, 800 sets of new talent housing will be built, and the existing public rental housing, talent housing, stock public housing, rental housing, and newly-granted land commodity housing projects or urban renewal projects will be built. Operation management.”


“The second is to vigorously promote the reform of the construction market, create a high-quality environment for urban construction, and promote the green and healthy development of the construction industry.” Fang Xiaoyong said that it will strictly implement the “six 100%” requirements for dust control in construction, improve the level of civilized construction, and develop green buildings and Building energy conservation, improving the modernization policy of the construction industry, and actively cultivating the assembly-type building demonstration project.


“The third is to vigorously promote urban infrastructure planning, strengthen construction quality control, and continuously improve the city’s comprehensive carrying capacity.” Fang Xiaoyong proposed that one of the important tasks of 2019 is to accelerate the popularization of pipeline natural gas, which is also the “10 livelihoods of the government work report”. “One, to ensure the completion of the new 40 kilometers of municipal gas pipelines during the year, to complete the construction of outdoor public gas pipelines for 40,000 old residential buildings.


Fang Xiaoyong said that the city’s infrastructure technology standards will be vigorously improved, and the industry standards such as urban infrastructure, landscaping and underground space will be promoted and connected. Strengthen the urban infrastructure carrying capacity, coordinate the pilot construction of the sponge city, strengthen the comprehensive utilization of urban underground space, and effectively enhance the ability to withstand accidents and ensure safe operation.

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Post time: Jan-24-2019
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