Yunnan Wenshan Deqiang Reservoir Water Transfer Project Lifting Pipeline Crossing River Arch Pipe Hoisting

On January 15th, 2019, the site of the Dehou Reservoir Project was reported to be a good news. The water pipeline of the project’s water delivery project was hoisted smoothly across the river arch pipe to achieve the “opening of the door” in 2019.
The cross-river arch pipe of the Dehou Reservoir Water Transfer Project is an important part of the water pumping and water transfer project that undertakes the water supply tasks of Dehou, Hongdian and Pingyuan. It is also one of the landmark projects of the entire Dehou Reservoir project. The construction is difficult and the technical requirements are high. The pipeline is arranged across the Dehou River and is a parallel combination of steel pipes with a diameter of 1 m and a wall thickness of 24 mm. The span is 90 m, the distance from the riverbed is about 70 m, and the arch length is 93.04 m. The entire arch pipe member The total weight is 158.458 tons, and its engineering scale is rare in similar projects. In addition, the project is located in the deep mountain canyon, and the construction conditions are limited, which brings great difficulties to the smooth implementation of the project and has huge security risks. To this end, all parties involved in the project have attached great importance to it. Before the implementation of the project, the special construction plan was carefully organized and approved by experts. The special safety technology was repeatedly held, carefully calculated, carefully deployed, and carefully loaded. Through the joint efforts of all parties, the safety of the lifting work was ensured and the pipeline was smoothly closed. At present, follow-up work such as pipe butt welding and stabilization is being closely arranged.
After three years of hard work, at present, the Dehou Reservoir project has completed nearly 90% of the initial approval project, and the project has been fully transferred to the tail-breaking stage. The smooth integration of the water-conveying pipeline of the water conveyance project across the river arch pipe section makes the whole project important. The construction progress of the node once again made an important breakthrough, laying an important foundation for the completion of the Dehou Reservoir Project in 2019.

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Post time: Jan-17-2019
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