Yantai Development Zone invested about 100 million yuan to plan the construction of a new water pipeline project from the Wo Niu Shan Water Plant to the development zone.

On January 9th, the reporter learned from the Propaganda Group of Yantai Development Zone that in order to crack the water pipe many times, the development zone has taken measures to improve the water supply capacity, and new pipelines, new water sources and new water plants have been gradually built and put into use.


According to reports, the Wo Niu Shan Water Plant is the only source of water supply for the Eastern District of the current development zone. The water main pipeline from the waterworks to the development zone was put into operation in 2003. Due to its long service life, it has broken several times since 2016.


The most direct way to solve the problem of old pipe network rupture is to build new pipelines. It is understood that the total length of the new water pipeline project from the development of the Wo Niu Shan Water Plant to the development zone in the development zone is about 5.5km, with a total investment of about 100 million yuan.


After actively communicating with the highways and related departments of Fushan, the new pipeline involved the construction of the G15 high-speed section in October 2017. The rest of the construction began in April last year and is still under construction. It is expected to be officially put into use this year.


In December last year, the Management Committee urgently convened a special conference on the water supply project of the district’s emergency management network, and decided to launch the “interconnection” according to the “interconnection, pressure balance, loop water supply, water quality improvement” water supply system upgrade plan proposed in the previous period. In part, the Fenghuang Shanshui Plant and the 206 National Highway part of the water pipeline were connected, and immediately organized the implementation of the district’s emergency pipeline network Unicom water supply project, and strived to complete the construction in the shortest time.


“The project can change the status quo of the water supply in the eastern part of the development zone completely relying on the status of the Wo Niu Shan Water Plant. The Fenghuang Shanshui Plant can supply water to the eastern part of the development zone through the emergency water supply pipeline.” The relevant person in charge of the water supply company introduced that the project has started construction and has been completed so far. Complete all trench excavation work, and pipelines are being laid to ensure the construction is completed before the Spring Festival. “Once the pipeline breaks again, the emergency pipeline can realize the rapid water supply between the east and west districts and the water plant, effectively shortening the water supply recovery time.”


The person in charge of the water supply company of the development zone introduced two high-level clear water pools with a total investment of about 65 million yuan. It was established in September 2016 and started construction in March 2017. The two high-level clear water pools have a total storage capacity of 50,000 cubic meters, which were put into use at the end of 2017 and early 2018 respectively. They played an important role in the peak supply and emergency period of last year. Especially in the recent pipeline rupture event, the low-pressure water supply in the Eastern District during the repair period was effectively guaranteed.


In order to completely solve the single water supply mode, the development zone has also launched a new water source project. The project includes the construction of the new Hongdiao Water Purification Plant Project, the Xinshan Wujia Reservoir Project and the Hongyuding Water Plant to the Dajijia Water Supply Pipeline Project. The total investment of the project is about 880 million yuan. The overall project is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year.


With the gradual completion of the construction of new pipelines, new water sources, Fushan 200,000 cubic meters of new water plants and the implementation of upgrading and upgrading of the water supply pipeline system in the whole district, it is expected that the water supply related risks in the development zone will be basically solved next year.

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Post time: Jan-10-2019
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