Xiamen West Water East Transfer Project will lay two raw water pipelines on the bottom of Tongan Bay

Over the past few days, you will see two more than a few hundred meters of dark gray “long dragon” on the sea. It turned out that this is the raw water pipeline that the West Water East Transfer Project will be laid on the seabed of Tongan Bay. According to the design, Tongan Bay has a total length of 1,378 meters, a diameter of 1.6 meters and a single root length of 12 meters. The construction personnel will “sell the dragon” in a row, and a reasonable division of labor will be carried out to weld one pipe to two more than 600 meters long “long dragon”, and the last two “long dragons” will be combined and placed on the seabed. This will be the largest cross-sea pipeline in Fujian Province with the longest diameter.



Strive to build water at the end of May

Alleviating the shortage of water in Xiang’an


The construction of the raw water pipeline project of the West Water East is related to the overall safety and water supply of Xiang’an District. It is a solid foundation for the economic and social development of Xiang’an District and an important livelihood project. After the completion of the project, it will effectively solve the shortage of raw water supply in Xiang’an District and provide a strong water supply guarantee for the future population and economic development of Xiang’an District.


The starting point of the West Water East Transfer Raw Water Pipeline Project (Phase I) is located on the west side of Yinjiang Road in Jimei District, across Jimei District, Tong’an District and Xiang’an District, and the terminal is located at Xiang’an Water Plant. The newly-built raw water pipeline is about 15 kilometers. The pipeline route is Jimei Water Pumping Station – Yinjiang Road – Jiyuan Road – Binhai West Road – Bingzhou – Tongan Bay Sea Area – Haixiang Avenue – Xiang’an Water Plant.


According to reports, the first phase of the project strives to pass water in the first half of the year, when the shortage of water in Xiang’an will be alleviated.


on site

“Solitaire” has been completed more than half

It is expected that the pipeline will be placed in early March.


Yesterday, at the construction site of the Tongan Bay seaside, all kinds of large-scale construction vehicles and ships were all of them. The most striking thing was the long water pipeline that reached the surface of the sea.


In order to speed up the progress, the construction party divided the welding work of the original water pipe of 1378 meters into two parts, each of which was more than 600 meters, and finally merged the two parts together.


Yesterday, the welding work has been completed more than half, and the two parts add up to 720 meters. “It takes 4 hours to complete the welding of the two pipes. In addition to other preparations, the 48-meter pipe can be welded in one day. It is expected that all the welding work will be completed in early March, and the pipe can be placed.” Xiamen Water Group is responsible for the site. People say.



Welding pipeline has strong anti-corrosion ability

Ultrasound “physical examination” before use


According to the construction party, due to the complicated environment of the seabed, the pipe to be used this time has strong anti-corrosion ability, and the surface of the thick steel pipe is specially treated with anti-corrosion treatment.


In the welding of steel pipes, anti-corrosion treatment is also required. Just like the orthopedic bones, the quality of the welded steel pipe is passed through several times, including several physical examinations, including ultrasonic and X-ray. Ensure that the steel pipe meets the design requirements before it can be placed on the sea floor.


When laying over the sea pipeline, it is necessary to rely on large construction vessels, large-scale special buoys and professional divers to work together. “The characteristics of this paving are large diameter, long distance, and the impact of sea breeze waves, it is extremely difficult.” Water Group staff said.


There are many unforeseen factors in the sea area. Due to the influence of sea tides, wind waves and weather, the underground river bed is undulating. When the pipeline is placed, the construction personnel will fill the pipeline and let the pipeline sink slowly. In the process of sinking the pipeline, it is necessary to maintain balance, otherwise there will be uneven stress and increase risk. In order to ensure the successful construction of the sinking, the construction personnel have visited the field many times to study and formulate the plan according to the actual situation of Tongan Bay.

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Post time: Jan-14-2019
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