The water plant and the supporting pipe network project of Liyuanchang, Saiyan Town, Fu’an City, strive to pass water before May

In the past few days, the owner, construction unit and supervision unit of the Liyuan Water Supply Plant and supporting pipe network project in Saiyan Town, Fu’an City have been working overtime, overtime to overcome the bad factors such as rain and rain, and progressed according to the progress, and strive to be before May this year. Complete the tap water project.


Recently, at the construction site of the clear water pool of the project, the workers were busy with the plate installation and formwork reinforcement of the roof slab beam, laying the foundation for the next concrete concrete pouring. The project covers an area of 20 mu, the total construction cost is more than 40.5 million yuan, and the water distribution pipeline is 1235 meters. The structure of the plant is flocculation sedimentation tank, V-type filter tank, clear water tank, water absorption well and secondary pump room, dosing room, anti- The flushing wastewater regulating tank, the muddy water regulating tank, the sludge dewatering machine room, and the comprehensive building started construction on November 5 last year, and the construction period was 9 months.


The project will be built according to the standard of 20,000 tons of water supply capacity per day. After completion, it will further alleviate the contradiction between supply and demand of water and industrial water for residents in Saiyan, Luojiang and other places.

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Post time: Jan-09-2019
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