The total urban heating capacity of the northern and southern lines of Tengzhou City will reach 30 million square meters.

On January 22, the reporter learned that Tengzhou has added a warm-up community to the Shannon Park, and the residents’ homes have basically reached the heating temperature. This is the epitome of further expanding the heating coverage area of ​​the high-temperature hot water central heating project of the Tengzhou North Line double line.


It is understood that the North Line double-track project is a key project for people’s livelihood determined by the Tengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government in 2018. It is also an important project for the people in the north of the city to solve the problem of insufficient heat in winter, create a beautiful environment and enhance the city’s taste. The project invested 500 million yuan, including the urban thermal power pipe network and several district heat exchange stations, with a total length of about 40 kilometers. The urban pipe network is constructed and managed by Tengzhou Xinyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd. In 2018, the construction of the main network and branch network of Luban Avenue, Beixin Road and Tongsheng Road was completed. At present, the project has been put into use and operated smoothly. The total urban heating capacity of the north and south lines of Tengzhou City will reach 30 million square meters, ranking the forefront of the county-level cities nationwide, truly realizing the full coverage of urban heating, effectively improving the city’s quality and further promoting the comprehensive economic and social development of Tengzhou.


The Spring Festival is approaching. In order to ensure the normal heating of the city during the holiday season, the Tengzhou Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau organized three thermal companies in Tengzhou, strengthened the duty system and 24-hour duty system, and promoted the heating guarantee work, and passed the heating supervision telephone 8012345. Accept and handle user supervision, and make every effort to ensure the smooth and smooth heating work during the holiday season.

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Post time: Jan-23-2019
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