The tap water of 21 old districts in Yancheng District has been completely renovated.

In 2018, the water supply pipe network facilities in the old residential area of ​​Yancheng District were seriously aging. The phenomenon of “running, escaping, dripping and leaking” was serious, and the leakage rate of the pipe network was high. The water supply pipe network showed increasingly hysteresis and deficiencies. The water supply company began the upgrading and transformation of the “old residential pipe network transformation and remote transmission meter reading system construction”. Up to now, the urban old 21 residential district tap water renovation was completed. The reporter learned yesterday that the rate of repairs since the renovation of the old residential tap water was zero.


“You see that the flow of tap water in our home is large and the water pressure is very good.” Yesterday morning, Ms. Liao, who lives in the Wengang group in the city, opened the faucet of her house and showed it to reporters. Ms. Liao lives on the 5th floor. She told reporters that when she arrived at the peak of water in the past year, her family’s tap water was “shameful”. Especially in the summer evening, in order to be able to take a quick shower, her family had to prepare several buckets to store water. “The most bitter thing is winter. When I heard that the temperature dropped, I was afraid of it. I was afraid that the tap water would be frozen or frozen. I couldn’t use it for a few days.” Ms. Liao told the reporter, “Now, the tap water pipe in the community. Both the water meter and the water meter have been replaced. Now the water in the house is normal. When it comes to water, there is no need to get angry again.” When she said this, Ms. Liao was very happy.


With the rapid development of the city’s urban economy and the continuous expansion of the city’s scale, the urban population has increased dramatically, and the demand for water has increased substantially. The contradiction of water supply has become increasingly prominent. Due to historical reasons, the water supply network of the old residential quarters in the urban area mainly uses galvanized pipes and self-stressed cement pipes. The time is long and the corrosion is serious. The rust in the pipe pollutes the water source, and the pipe wall is corroded and cannot withstand the water. Pressure caused by water leakage, resulting in small water pressure, community residents have a great opinion, often complaining about water pressure instability. “In order to completely solve the problem of water shortage in the old residential area, we decided to upgrade and upgrade the water supply network in the old city. This is not only to reduce the waste of water resources, but also to improve the quality of water for residents.” Gu Zhaojun, Director of Customer Service Department of City Water Supply Company Tell the reporter, “We are based on people’s livelihood, self-raised funds, don’t let the common people pay a penny, and carry out renovation and upgrading of the old city water supply pipe network. At present, 21 old districts in the urban area have been reconstructed, and the investment has reached more than 20 million yuan.”


“In this transformation, we use high-quality pipes and smart water meters. The original galvanized pipes and self-stressing cement pipes are no longer used, and all are replaced by galvanized plastic pipes. The residents will see if they enter and leave. When I look at it, I feel that it is more reassuring than the original water pipe.” Gu Zhaojun told the reporter, “Now the tap water meters are all installed in the antifreeze cabinet. The cabinet material has insulation inside, which is in the cold. In winter, the water meter is not easy to freeze.”


What is the use of tap water in the 21 old districts after the renovation? “In the past year, when it was winter, it was the busiest time of our year. The telephone repairs were basically continuous every day, especially in the old community. It was not the water pipes that were frozen, or the water meters were frozen.” Gu Zhaojun told reporters, “Last year we decided Once and for all, the old residential area will be reconstructed. Up to now, the 21 old repaired water pipes and water meters have been repaired since the commission was completed.

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Post time: Jan-18-2019
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