The renovation of the gas old pipe network in front of Qianwangyu in Yuecheng District of Shaoxing City was successfully completed.

Recently, the Qianwangyu gas old pipe renovation project in Yuecheng District of Shaoxing City was successfully completed and passed the completion acceptance to achieve a new safety improvement for residents in the region.
The relevant personnel of Shaoxing Public Construction Company introduced that the project is one of the last batch of old road gas old pipe renovation projects in 2018, with a total length of 260 meters. It was completed and put into operation in early 2000. It has been running for 15 years, and the pipeline is aging, and the transformation is imminent.
Before the end of 2018, Shaoxing Public Construction Company completed the renovation project in just 7 days with the road reconstruction.
It is reported that many of the gas pipelines used in the old city of Shaoxing are made of cast iron pipes, and the anti-corrosion performance and connection process are not as good as the new welded steel pipes or PE pipes. Since 2014, Shaoxing City has started the renovation project of the central cast iron pipe network in the old city, including dozens of large and small roads, such as Lu Xun West Road, Huanshan Road, East Street, and Tuyu River. The length of the completed reconstruction is about 18 kilometers. . Tian Bin told reporters that the construction of landscape improvement and road reconstruction will be carried out year by year. After the completion of the transformation, the operational risk of the old pipe network in the old city will be effectively reduced to ensure the stable supply of gas to the gas transmission and distribution network.

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Post time: Jan-02-2019
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