The remaining project of the sponge city construction pilot project in Fuzhou will be completed by the end of June this year.

As one of the second pilot cities for sponge city construction in the country, the pilot construction of sponge city in Fuzhou City is divided into two sections, Sanjiangkou and Helin, with a total of 267 projects. The reporter was informed on the 16th that 115 projects have been completed and the remaining projects will be completed by the end of June this year.
A few days ago, the reporter went to Ruicheng Garden in Helin District. There are 7 main buildings in this district, with about 300 residents. Since 2001, the community has experienced “common illnesses” in old communities such as road subsidence, water accumulation, and parking disorder.
After transformation, it has now become a brand new community. “At the end of March last year, Ruicheng Garden launched the sponge transformation to solve the practical problems such as the mixed flow of rainwater and sewage and the decline of environmental quality. Combining the topography of the plot and the actual situation on the site, we selected the “sponge” measures that are easy to maintain.” The relevant person in charge of the Urban and Rural Construction Bureau It is said that solving the problem of water accumulation is a top priority for the renovation of the community. For the cement pavement that was originally damaged and has poor water permeability, the permeable concrete was used after the demolition to provide an infiltration outlet for the rainwater.
In order to improve the “water absorption”, the community uses the existing backfill to build a number of rain gardens. At the same time, it also lays grass and ditches on both sides of the road to introduce rainwater into the rain garden and infiltrate plants, pebbles and soil. Next, complete the preliminary purification. When the rainfall exceeds the load, the rainwater will flow through the overflow well to the rainwater pipes of the community to reduce the pressure on the municipal pipe network.
“The sponge renovation in the two pilot areas is combined with the renovation of the old community. Currently, the sponge renovation project being promoted in Fuzhou City, Ruicheng Garden, Jinan Telecom Bureau, Xincangshan Yanglou, Dongshan Xinyuan District 1 The above-mentioned person in charge said that the renovation of the old community sponge is an important part of the source of pollution reduction in the construction of sponge city, and the important part of the pollution control. The centralized renovation will give priority to the old community that urgently needs the comprehensive improvement of environmental remediation. Some public buildings. At the same time, some of the completion acceptances have been put into use for more than 10 years, and the communities that have not been included in the recent renovation of the old housing estates of the district government are listed as targets for transformation.
The relevant person in charge of the Urban and Rural Construction Bureau said that from the actual effect, the sponge-modified projects can play the role of “stagnation, storage and net” in a short period of time, effectively alleviating regional water problems such as communities and roads. Initially reached the goal of sponge city construction.
According to the arrangement, in 2020, more than 20% of the urban built-up area of ​​Fuzhou City should meet the requirements for the construction of sponge cities. The 10% of the districts of the counties (cities, districts) and the built-up areas of the new districts must meet the requirements for the construction of sponge cities.

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Post time: Jan-17-2019
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