The only underground integrated pipe gallery in Jining has been completed and put into use.

The urban underground integrated pipe gallery is to build a tunnel space underground, integrating various engineering pipelines such as electricity, communication, gas, heat supply, water supply and drainage, etc. It is an important infrastructure and “lifeline” to ensure urban operation. In the Taibai Lake New District, the only underground integrated pipe gallery in Jining has been completed and put into use.


Cable pipe network “into the ground”

The road is repeatedly excavated into history


On December 30, 2018, pedestrians at Hehua Road in Taibai Lake New District were bustling. Under the green belt near the Beijing-based investment building, there is an unknown underground underground corridor. As the top underground comprehensive pipe gallery in the province, Qilu Evening News and Qi Luzhen reporters conducted on-the-spot visits.


Under the leadership of the staff, the reporter went down the stairs and walked into a rectangular underground entrance in the center of the green belt. Following the stairs, he entered the corridor corridor with a depth of 5 meters. Walking into the interior, there is no hole in the sky. The gallery is spacious, bright, airy and ventilated. The various pipelines are criss-crossed and arranged in different cabins, such as the same warm underground apartment.


Its spacious, straight passage extends to both ends and is unfathomable at first glance. Despite the cold weather, access to the pipe gallery makes people feel warm as spring. In the middle of the pipe corridor, the raised road is a pedestrian passage, and the two sides are the areas for cables and pipes, and the erected brackets are criss-crossed. The reporter saw that the brackets were neatly arranged from top to bottom, and each bracket corresponds to the corresponding pipeline, including power and communication. The upper part of the channel is the wall, and the thickest pipe is the tap water pipe.


“In many people’s impressions, the road at the door of the house seems to be repaired forever. The mobile cable line is buried underground on the left side of the road. The Unicom cable line may be buried on the right side. Today, the mobile phone has failed and started to repair the road. The Unicom cable will also be installed tomorrow. In case of failure, it is necessary to repair the road. The time is like a ‘zipper’…” Xu Yiheng, a staff member of the Integrated Pipe Ditch Management Office of the Taibai Lake New District Construction Bureau, told the reporter that the urban underground integrated pipe gallery is to build a steel bar under the main road of the city. Concrete tunnel space, which is equipped with various pipelines such as electric power, communication, and tap water, and has a special “lifeline” for the inspection port, feed port, operation monitoring and anti-intrusion system. All the lines are laid underground to avoid repeated excavation of the road surface, which has played a positive role in improving the quality of the city.


Big space has “great wisdom”

Improve efficiency and enjoy the convenience of citizens


“The lotus road is a double cabin pipe gallery, one side is a strong electric room, and the other side is a weak electric room.” Xu Yiheng introduced that the weak electric room tube compartment is lined with power fibers of different enterprises from top to bottom, and there are five rows of vacant brackets. In the future, I will take care of it. Although the pipelines in the two cabins are not visible at first sight, there is plenty of room for operation in the middle, and the staff can easily walk around the pipe corridor.


In addition, the reporter also found that the pipe gallery is equipped with lifting vents, vents, personnel entrances and exits, as well as fire, ventilation, power supply, lighting, monitoring and alarm, drainage and other systems, the safety index is particularly high. “Considering the special nature of the pipe gallery, it is not only equipped with ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device, intelligent monitoring and alarm system, etc., but also has a fire compartment every 200 meters. Once a fire or gas leak occurs in the pipe gallery, the fire extinguishing equipment will Will automatically open, the fire door will automatically alarm and close.” Xu Yiheng said.


The pipelines have all moved underground. How to find faults and solve them in time? Sun Zhaoyou, a staff member of Luning Power Company, is inspecting and repairing in the underground pipe gallery. His daily job is to check each line along the 29-kilometer underground pipe gallery and record it at any time with a notebook. Immediately call the personnel for repair if the line is found to be abnormal or damaged. If it is a problem that the maintenance personnel cannot solve, Zhao Youzheng will immediately report the unit to which the fault belongs, and the relevant department personnel will come to the first time for repair.


“When the traditional cable or optical cable fails or the water supply pipeline fails, the first thing is to convene the personnel to dig the road to check the fault, then organize the personnel to carry out the repair, and finally construct the road repair, at least half a month before and after.” Zhao Youzheng said that now Underground integrated pipe gallery, the road does not need to be excavated, and the maintenance efficiency is higher.


24 hours monitoring

Found that the situation was processed immediately


“This is a comprehensive base integrating office, monitoring and management. It is mainly responsible for the status monitoring, operation and maintenance of the pipe corridor system in Taibai Lake New District.” Walking into the monitoring center at Hehua Road, I saw a full wall display. The screen not only clearly shows the interior of the pipe gallery, but also displays equipment operation information, environmental information, security information, warning alarm signals, inspection information and other content.


“The intelligent equipment such as high-definition camera and temperature and humidity monitor are installed inside and outside the pipe gallery. The staff implements 24-hour visual management.” Liu Zhi, a staff member of the monitoring center, complains that all screens can be switched at any position, 40 minutes to an hour. Check all the contents of thousands of cameras inside. In the event of special conditions such as pipeline leakage and ground water, the staff can know in time through monitoring. At the same time as taking emergency measures, immediately communicate with the operating unit of the pipeline to repair.


In addition, in the underground corridor, affected by groundwater level or accumulated rain, there will be some water accumulation, but through the scientific slope setting and the setting of the water collecting pit, when the water level reaches a certain height, it will pass the automatic water pump. Discharge to ensure the drying of the entire underground pipe gallery. As of now, there has not been an accident in the underground pipe gallery of Taibai Lake New District.


It is understood that the construction of integrated pipe corridors is an important manifestation of urban modernization and intelligence. It is from the disorderly use of underground space resources to coordination and order, and finally to the goal of maximizing and intensifying resource sharing and realizing resource utilization. Through the establishment of a comprehensive pipeline entrance, operation management and other mechanisms, the Taibai Lake New District underground integrated pipe gallery will create a model of the province’s comprehensive pipe gallery demonstration, providing a basic guarantee for the city’s core area.

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