The construction of village-level sewage pipe network in Zhangye Street, Chancheng District, Foshan City will be completed in the near future.

The year 2018 is coming to an end. Recently, the reporter learned from the Zhangye Sub-district Office of Chancheng District that most of the “Top Ten People’s Livelihoods” in Zhangye in 2018 have been completed. The most concerned village-level sewage pipe network construction project has invested a total of 94.42 million yuan. The construction of 13 villages will be completed in the near future.


In March of this year, on the basis of the “Ten People’s Livelihoods”, Zhangye Street put forward Zhangye 2018 “Top Ten People’s Livelihoods” on the basis of its own actual situation, involving the laying of sewage pipe network and highlighting the river. Surveillance, street cleaning, health care, food safety, community service, beautiful and civilized villages, etc., each bearing the expectations of the masses.


As the head of the top ten people’s livelihood, the construction of village-level sewage pipe network equipment is concerned. Zhangye plans to invest a total of 94.42 million yuan to further improve the construction of sewage pipe network in 13 villages. Up to now, Liantang Village and Mintou Village are in the process of project acceptance; Dongtun Village, Zhangye Village, Baiji Village, Dasha Village, Shanglang Village, Xialang Village and Haikou Village have completed construction; the remaining villages and villages The construction of Fucun, Dajiangcun and Guzao Village is expected to be completed in the near future.


According to reports, after the implementation of the project, the effective connection between the sewage pipe network of Zhangye Street and the sewage pipe network of Chancheng District will be accelerated, the drainage capacity of the municipal pipe network will be enhanced, and the sewage pipe network coverage and sewage collection rate will be improved.


What is commendable is that many villages have taken this opportunity to comprehensively improve the water environment in their jurisdiction. For example, Murakami Village invested more than 10 million yuan to lay a sewage pipe network, and dredged the rivers in the area under its jurisdiction, and upgraded the landscape on both sides of the river to allow the river to be fully rectified. Dafu Village laid a sewage pipe network to do sewage treatment, and also invested more than 10 million yuan to replace the village’s water pipes to solve the problems of dilapidated, rust, large loss and insufficient water pressure in the water pipes in the 1980s. problem.


The rectification of the two highlights of Xiyiyong and Nanbei Eryong also entered the sprint stage. The Xiyiyong comprehensive improvement project will green the west section of Xiyiyong (west to the north and south, and the east to the bottom of the Fokai Expressway). Lifting, landscape renovation and shoreline remediation; the north and south Eryong remediation works along the north and south Eryong (Liantang section) laying sewage interception pipelines, renovating the scenic bridges and water hoes from Lianfeng East Road to Zhangye 1st Road, adding cultural squares and fitness facilities, The river landscape such as the hydrophilic platform and greening is upgraded. Simultaneously carry out series of construction such as interception, dredging, introduction of living water, and reconstruction of cross-strait landscapes.


In addition, Zhang Jian’s “Youth Home” construction, “Internet + Town” slow-moving system upgrading project, Ma On Street and the south side of the 15-meter planned road reconstruction project I, four inner streets and alleys improved, and created “Xihuali” The food safety demonstration street, the construction of three community health stations, and the mental health disorder rehabilitation center have completed seven livelihood issues. The construction of the second batch of four beautiful and civilized villages has entered the construction state. Among them, Zhangye Village, Dafu Village and Qitang Village are expected to be completed before the Spring Festival in 2019. Due to the large investment, many projects and wide-ranging reasons, It is expected to be completed by May next year.

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Post time: Dec-29-2018
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