Shanghai downtown area plans to renovate 300 kilometers of water supply network this year

The safety of water supply is an important basis for ensuring the normal operation of this cosmopolitan city in Shanghai. To this end, Shanghai will speed up the update of the “high-risk and old age” water supply network. This year’s downtown area is planned to be rebuilt 300 kilometers long. The night work will be used to combine road maintenance and overhead line landing work to minimize the impact on traffic and citizens’ lives.


Near 11 o’clock, the traffic volume has gradually decreased, and the water supply pipe network reconstruction project of the Jinshajiang section is ready. Different from the previous replacement of underground water pipes, in order to reduce the impact on surrounding pipelines and cities, after the on-site investigation and inspection, the construction side adopts the technology of non-excavation internal pipe penetration. There are only 4 working wells in the 1.2 km reconstruction section, which are jacked up in three sections. The old cast iron pipe of 1.2 m in diameter was used as the main pipe and the new water supply pipe with a diameter of 1 m was worn inside. In this way, the old water pipes do not need to be demolished.


The person in charge of the pipeline engineering branch of the construction side Shanghai Tunnel Water Engineering Co., Ltd. said that the method of pipe management can reduce the impact on residents’ travel and minimize the impact on the environment. The original pipeline not only provides protection, but also frees up space for future maintenance.


The driving distance of a day and night is 48 meters. After the construction from 11:00 to 5:00 in the morning, a large steel plate will be laid on the working well of the road to ensure that the vehicles are not affected.


It is understood that the pipeline of Jinshajiang Road from Zhongshan North Road to Daduhe Road has been in service for 50 years, and the scale has become thicker year by year. In recent years, several tubes have been leaked. In fact, at present, in the central city, there are many pipelines with a pipe age of more than 50 years or backward materials, which has become a hidden danger of urban water supply security.


Wang Sheng, deputy general manager of Shanghai Chengtou Water Group Subsidiary Water Supply Branch, said that the original cast iron pipe and pig iron pipe material are more likely to leak and burst when the traffic load is heavy and the temperature changes drastically. In recent years, each burst has affected the water supply. In 2019, the central city plans to renovate a 100-kilometer-long road water supply network, and the backward pipe network in the neighborhood will be updated about 200 kilometers.


According to statistics, at present, there is only about 1,000 kilometers of old road water supply pipe network in Puxi area to be updated, and the old pipe network in the neighborhood is about 2,000 kilometers. The water supply department said that it will strive to completely complete the transformation of the old and backward water supply network in the central city by 2030. With the upgrading of the urban water supply pipe network and the completion of the renovation of the secondary water supply facilities, the water quality of the “from source to the leading” will be guaranteed.

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Post time: Jan-16-2019
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