Rise Steel’s products used in this project:The first phase of the Pihe Water Supply Project has completed 90% of the overall project. It is expected to be watered in April next year.

On December 27th, the reporter learned from Ziyang City’s environmental news briefing in the fourth quarter of 2018 that the first phase of the Pihe Water Supply Project has completed 90% of the overall project, and it is expected to achieve water supply in April 2019.
The Pihe Water Supply Project is an important part of the strategy of “re-creating a Dujiangyan” by the provincial party committee and the provincial government. It is a large-scale backbone water conservancy project for the “five horizontal and four vertical” water resources allocation system in the abdomen economic zone of Sichuan Province. It is a few million dry areas in Sichuan. The masses are looking forward to the major livelihood projects of nearly half a century. Its water supply area is located in the hilly area on both sides of the Minjiang River and Minjiang River watersheds in the Sichuan Basin, involving Qingbaijiang District, Jianyang City, Jintang County of Chengdu, Yanjiang District, Anyue County, Lezhi County of Ziyang City, and the residence of Suining City. The district has a total of 3 cities, 7 counties (cities, districts), an irrigation area of ​​3.33 million mu, and a water supply population of 4.33 million.
The total investment of the Pihe Water Supply Project is estimated to be 22 billion yuan, which will be implemented in two phases. Among them, the first phase focuses on the construction of diversion canals, focusing on solving the problem of “water diversion”. The second phase of the project will focus on the construction of the reservoir and the branch canal, which will not only solve the problem of “water diversion” to the field, but also solve the problems of “water storage” and “water transfer”.
In 2015, the first phase of the Pihe Water Supply Project was officially started. At present, 90% of the total project volume has been completed. The Baixiangsi tunnel exit open channel and the Lei Daishi tunnel exit open channel are being accelerated. It is expected that by the end of April next year, the first phase of the Pihe Water Supply Project will be completed and water will be completed.

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Post time: Dec-28-2018
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