Rise project:The 3.6-kilometer tunnel of the Meilong Beach sewage main pipe project of Meishou Renshou was successfully completed.

On December 27th, the reporter learned from the Meilong Black Dragon Beach Scenic Area in Meishan that the 3.6-kilometer tunnel of the Heilongjiang sewage main pipe project was successfully completed. “Drinking water source protection” is the lifeline of the Black Dragon Beach project. The water area of ​​Heilongjiang Beach is 23 square kilometers. It is the production and living water source of more than 3 million people in Meishan Central City, Renshou and Jingyan. It is the best water quality reservoir in the province, and the scenic spot is also the “back garden” of Chengdu people.
The Management Committee of Heilongjiang Scenic Area has implemented the “Seven Major Projects” for environmental protection around the goal of reducing pollution stocks and controlling pollution increments. The sewage main pipe project is an important project of ecological and environmental protection of the project. It consists of a 13.9 km sewage collection pipe gallery and a 115 km sewage collection pipe network. After completion, the daily collection capacity is 80,000 cubic meters. The first phase of the project was 15.1 km. It was officially started in February 2018. After 10 months of joint efforts, the 3.6 km long tunnel of the main project was officially completed. According to the plan, the first phase of the project will be completed in 2019.
It is understood that after the completion of the project, the sewage and initial rainwater generated by 350,000 people in Meishan within 40 square kilometers can be comprehensively collected, unified discharge and centralized treatment, which is of great significance for the project to concentrate on the fight against pollution.
According to the relevant person in charge of the Management Committee, the water resources of Heilongjiang Beach are scarce natural resources. All investment and development must be based on the premise of protecting the ecological environment of Heilongjiang, without taking the old road of “destruction and protection first”, and not “developing only”. “I don’t protect” the road, but unswervingly implement the scientific development road of “first protection and development, development to promote protection, protection in development, development in protection”, and is committed to transforming the ecological advantages of Heilongjiang For economic advantage.
Therefore, based on the concept of “ecological priority, green development”, on the basis of the development of the exit line of 200 meters, the introduced investor China Railway Group adopted measures such as ecological resettlement, returning farmland to forests, returning fruits and forests, etc., to remove the original pollution of Heilongtan. Stocks; through the implementation of sewage mains, rainwater isolation protection projects, construction of sponge cities and other measures to control the increase of pollution in Heilongjiang; strengthen the restoration of the ecological environment by retaining 5,000 acres of conservation forests and carrying out water ecological management. Through the above series of measures to protect the environment, the final realization of “not let a drop of sewage into the lake.”

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Post time: Dec-28-2018
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