Rise Pipe Completion of the Main Body of the Replacement Project of the Irrawaddy River Optical Cable of the Sino-Myanmar Natural Gas Pipeline





On December 13, with the completion of the cable towing operation, the main body of the cable replacement project of the Irrawaddy River natural gas pipeline between China and Myanmar, which was constructed by the Pipeline Administration, was completed. No breakpoint was found and the single point and average loss value met the requirements of the code.

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Directional drilling of Sino-Myanmar natural gas pipeline crosses the main and cha rivers of the Irrawaddy River, including one main pipeline, one spare pipeline and one optical cable. PetroChina Southeast Asia Pipeline Co., Ltd. opened a standby pipeline in March because of the damage of optical cables in the Irrawaddy River crossing section that needs to be replaced. The cable replacement line is the connecting section of the main river from the heart beach of the Irrawaddy River to the Ren’an Qiang area. The length of the cable is 1.8 kilometers. After the cable is restored, it can solve the problems of management offices, valve room communication and site monitoring of the natural gas pipeline between China and Myanmar, and ensure the safe operation of the natural gas pipeline between China and Myanmar.

Since the start of construction on November 1st, in view of the difficulties such as the variety of ground crops and the difficulty of land expropriation in the area through which the line passes, the project manager of Southeast Asia has arranged personnel to actively communicate with the owners and jointly study solutions, thus completing the cable towing operation with high quality.

Post time: Dec-26-2018
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