Putian City uses pipeline robot to detect rainwater pipeline from Xinyi Xintiandi to Dongzhen Road

Under the “robot”, the pipeline explores the road, understands the siltation situation, and transmits underground information. The reporter was informed on the 20th that the rainwater pipeline from Xinyi Xintiandi to Dongzhen Road in Putian City has been used for this purpose to conduct accurate dredging and complete dredging.


According to the staff of the Municipal Engineering Maintenance Management Office, every typhoon and rainy day, the urban Xinyi Xintiandi to Dongzhen Road section often accumulates water, affecting the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. From January 11th, the dredging project of the rainwater pipeline on the road section began to be implemented. In order to improve construction efficiency, the project uses drainage pipe network detection technology to make dredging accurate and effective. That is, by controlling the “robot” camera walking in the pipeline, the image is collected remotely, and the image is transmitted back to the ground controller through wired transmission, and the internal condition of the pipeline is monitored in real time; at the same time, the original image record is stored and the underlying Pipeline dredging program provides guidance for construction workers.


The construction section has a total length of 640 meters. The “robot” was used to check and monitor the rainwater pipelines for a total of 1146.95 meters, and dredged 22 rainwater inspection wells and 44 rainwater outlets. The staff said that the current water conservancy department in Licheng District is also paying close attention to the construction of the culvert. After completion and commissioning, it will be able to solve the problem of water accumulation in the road section.

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Post time: Jan-22-2019
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