Ningcheng County High Efficiency Water-saving Irrigation Project Adding New Guarantee to Ten Thousand Mu Farmland

In 2018, Ningcheng County, focusing on the new idea of “water saving priority, space balance and system management”, vigorously develops drip irrigation high-efficiency water-saving irrigation project on the basis of efficient utilization of water resources. The total investment of the project is 75 million yuan, and the PPP model is adopted. At present, 75,000 mu of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation project has been completed. Among them, the canal irrigation is 31,303 mu of drip irrigation, the pipeline irrigation is 19278 mu of drip irrigation, and the original drip irrigation. Engineering maintenance and renovation 24119 mu. The project utilizes 387 existing water wells, updates 243 wellbores, replaces 352 pumps, 317 sets of supporting equipment, lays 538.617 kilometers of buried pipelines, excavates 132.664 million square meters of earth. Through the implementation of the project, the ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits of agricultural production are synchronously improved.

Rise Tianjin Steel Sales company bid in this project, the products inclouding SSAW and Flange, Elbow,Tee etc.

Post time: Dec-26-2018
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