Huabei Petrochemical – Beijing Daxing International Airport aviation coal pipeline will be officially put into operation on April 10

It is understood that before the completion of the project on June 30 this year, a total of three batches of school flights at Daxing International Airport, as well as all the oil used for airport commissioning, trial use and initial operation, will be guaranteed by PetroChina Huabei Petrochemical Company in Renqiu, Zhangzhou. .


On February 28 last year, the aviation kerosene pipeline of Huabei Petrochemical-Beijing Daxing International Airport started construction. The project has an investment of 623 million yuan, a pipeline length of 156 kilometers, a designed annual output of 1.7 million tons, and a long-term annual output of 2.6 million tons. On January 9th, the pipeline met at the junction of Beijing and Chongqing, and the whole line was completed. It is now in the preparatory stage for production.


Huabei Petrochemical-Beijing Daxing International Airport Aviation Coal Pipeline will be officially put into operation on April 10 to ensure the stable supply of oil at Daxing International Airport. Before the first school flight on January 23, the aviation kerosene pioneer oil produced by Huabei Petrochemical was transported by tanker to Daxing International Airport.


Huabei Petrochemical has a set of 250,000 tons of aviation coal hydrogenation equipment per year, which is transformed by processing gasoline equipment. The completed 10 million tons of Huabei Petrochemical project group, including 2.9 million tons of wax oil hydrocracking per year and 1 million tons of aviation coal hydrogenation per year, will enable Huabei Petrochemical’s aviation coal production capacity to reach annual 1.7 million tons. “Before this, the technicians have mastered the complete production process of aviation coal through the operation and modification device. The two sets of coal-fired devices will ensure sufficient supply of oil for Daxing International Airport.” The relevant person in charge of North China Petrochemical said.


The total investment of Huabei Petrochemical’s 10 million tons project group is more than 31 billion yuan, which is the only refinery expansion project determined by PetroChina during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. After the project is put into production, the annual refinery capacity of Huabei Petrochemical will increase from 5 million tons to 10 million tons, with an annual output of 2.9 million tons of national VI gasoline, 3.65 million tons of national VI diesel, 1.7 million tons of aviation kerosene, and an annual sales income of 50 billion yuan. Taxation of 18 billion yuan, the total pollutant emissions will also be reduced by half on the existing basis. Huabei Petrochemical will become an important green energy base in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei.


After the first successful school flight, how will North China Petrochemical ensure that the aviation kerosene supply at Beijing Daxing International Airport is foolproof? The relevant person in charge said that the smooth operation of the coal-fired pipeline of Huabei Petrochemical-Beijing Daxing International Airport will be the first task to be completed. The pipeline will have oil supply conditions to Daxing International Airport before April 1 and will be put into operation on April 10th. success. Huabei Petrochemical will resolutely implement the principle of quality first, and strictly control the quality of products from crude oil, complete all aspects of process technology, production operation, storage and shipping, and ensure that the quality of aviation coal products is 100% qualified.

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Post time: Jan-25-2019
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