Hebei Province plans to renovate the old municipal pipe network of the city (including the county) this year, 2050 km

It was learned from the Hebei Provincial Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Work Conference that Hebei Province will fully promote the three-year action plan this year, effectively grasp the construction of the people’s heart project, transform 2,779 old residential quarters, and launch 350 urban village reconstruction projects. In the period of 2018-2019, the renovation of 49,000 rural dilapidated houses was completed at the end of June, and the stocks of 10,459 households and 4 key categories of dangerous buildings were all started.


According to the main points of housing and urban and rural construction in Hebei Province in 2019, the renovation of old residential areas will focus on solving problems such as water supply, power supply and heat supply, and promote the solution of secondary water supply and parking difficulties. The transformation of the village in the city will cope with the rectification of the appearance, the improvement of the facilities and the update of the business. The demolition and relocation will be carried out in strict accordance with the law, and the resettlement work should be done properly.


This year, Hebei Province will start 51 domestic waste incineration facilities, 9 will be built, and 7 other treatment facilities will be built. The harmless treatment rate of domestic garbage will reach over 97%. The integrated urban and rural domestic garbage collection and disposal system covers 90% of the villages, and 80% of the informal rural garbage dumping sites are completed.


According to the plan, Hebei Province will renovate the old pipe network of the city (including the county) by 2050 kilometers this year (including 300 kilometers of water supply, 1,250 kilometers of heat supply, 100 kilometers of gas, and 400 kilometers of drainage). More than 1,700 urban public toilets were newly built and renovated. Implementation of sewage treatment, sludge disposal, quality and efficiency actions, urban and county sewage treatment rates reached 94%, 90%. Promote the construction and operation management of sewage treatment facilities in key towns. All key towns must have sewage treatment capacity before the end of the year. Optimize the urban black and odor water remediation plan, and eliminate it all before the end of the year.


This year, Hebei Province plans to add 3,000 hectares of urban green space and create about 5 national gardens. The mechanized cleaning rate of urban roads has reached more than 83%, and about 30 new clean cities have been added. Each city has created no less than two beautiful blocks and boutique roads, and all the illegally-designed billboards have been rectified. More than 80% of the districts and cities have reached the national water-saving city standard.


This year, the proportion of newly built green buildings in urban areas of Hebei Province will account for more than 60%. We will cultivate 300 provincial-level safe and civilized construction sites, 20 green construction demonstration projects, and create no less than 260 provincial-level quality projects. Advance the work of cleaning and heating in winter, complete the annual task of “double generation” construction in rural areas according to plan, and rectify problems in construction and safety management. Improve the four-level gas management mechanism of towns, counties and villages to ensure gas safety.

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Post time: Jan-23-2019
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