Chang’an Town, Dongguan City, fully promotes the management of Maozhou River Basin. Completed the pipeline construction 49.74 kilometers throughout the year.

On the morning of January 24, Changan Town Agriculture and Forestry Water Affairs System held a 2018 work summary meeting and a 2019 work deployment meeting.


Last year, the agricultural and forestry water system of Chang’an Town improved the political position, ensured the quality of party building work, grasped the ecological environment construction, improved the city quality, strengthened the rural reform management, promoted the healthy development of the economy, and carried out risk prevention work to ensure social security and harmony; Administrative supervision to improve the level of the rule of law in the industry; overall implementation of rural revitalization, the formation of the overall force of the town. In terms of ecological environment construction, Chang’an Town Agriculture, Forestry and Water Affairs System fully promoted the 400-day battle of Maozhou River Basin Management. The pipeline construction was completed at 49.74 kilometers throughout the year, exceeding the construction tasks of the municipal government. Established the Maozhou River Basin pollution comprehensive improvement leading group and headquarters, improved the two-level river length system structure, strengthened the river and lake environmental protection management, and completed the preparation of the “one river and one policy” program for the river.


This year, Chang’an Town’s agriculture, forestry and water system centered on the overall goal of building the “Bay Area’s Smart Capital, Charm Quality Chang’an”, and focused on five key tasks: improving the ecological environment, deepening rural reform, maintaining security and stability, strengthening legal management, and promoting rural revitalization. We strive to make new breakthroughs in all work.

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Post time: Jan-25-2019
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