Rise’s project in Jintan District Changzhou


The regional safe water supply project, a key livelihood project in Jintan District of Changzhou City, was officially launched in 2007 and completed 11 years later. The total investment of the project is about 2.27 billion yuan, which realizes the full coverage of urban and rural areas and effectively promotes the integration of urban and rural water supply.

By the end of 2008, Jintan District completed the construction of the main pipe network of DN300-DN1400 nearly 30 kilometers from urban to Eastern towns. In September 2009, Hetou, Yaotang, Tangzhuang, Wantou, Wuye and Rulin water plants were all transferred to the water company for unified management. Huang Wenzhong, deputy general manager of Jintan Water Supply Company, said that due to the poor quality of the original water supply network, irregular construction and long-term construction, the leakage rate of township water plants is generally around 70%, resulting in insufficient water supply pressure, poor water quality and other problems, but also caused great economic losses. In order to solve the above problems, Jintan District has implemented the renovation project of water supply network in town, further clarifying the transformation of regional water supply management mode into a unified management mode of urban-rural integration and direct management to households.

Jintan Regional Safe Water Supply Project includes Changdang Lake Water Plant Project, Water Supply Main Network Project, Water Supply Pipeline Network Renovation Project and Water Supply Guarantee Project. The water supply main network project covers an area of 670 square kilometers, benefiting more than 460,000 people. Through the transformation, the leakage rate of water supply in the eastern township area has been reduced from about 70% to 30%. Up to now, 6102.33 kilometers of DN100-DN500 pipeline network have been completed in the renovation project of water supply network in central and Western towns. A total of 80 740 households have been newly installed and renovated. The construction of emergency water supply project has effectively guaranteed the drinking water safety of rural residents.

In July this year, Changdang Lake Waterworks officially supplied water. The total investment of the waterworks plus supporting pipeline network was estimated to be 703 million yuan, with a total design scale of 300,000 cubic meters per day. All urban and rural residents drank the water of Changdang Lake. “Sometimes it will be green, sometimes it will be muddy, sometimes the solar energy can not be sent up. Now, use the water at your door. When you twist the tap, the tap water will rush out. The water pressure is very stable and the water is very clear. Wang Jianchun, a villager in Zhiqian Town, holds clear tap water in both hands and shows a happy smile on his face.

By the end of 2018, the whole area of towns and streets has achieved full coverage of regional water supply, and the coverage rate of regional water supply in administrative villages has reached 100%. On December 14, with the repurchase of Zoudu Waterworks, the region completed the repurchase of all waterworks. At present, Jintan District Tap Water Company carries out unified management and monitoring of the water quality of water supply in the whole area, so that rural residents and urban residents can use “same source, same network, same quality, same service” high-quality tap water, and regularly sampling and testing the water quality of the end of the township pipeline network to ensure that the water quality of the pipeline network reaches the national drinking water standard.

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Post time: Dec-27-2018
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