Dongguan City, 2018, newly built sewage interception pipe network 1525 km

When the Central Fifth Environmental Protection Inspector Group responded to the “review” situation in Guangdong Province, it was required to promote the central environmental protection inspector as an opportunity to systematically promote water pollution control and strengthen the protection of drinking water sources.
In the construction site of a sewage interception sub-tubing network in Dongkeng Town, Dongguan City, the pavement that had been excavated for the construction of the pipe network has been restored. Open the manhole cover of the road surface and you can see the intercepted sub-branched pipe network that has been built below.
The construction of interception pipe network in Dongkeng Town is a microcosm of the construction of water pollution control engineering facilities in the city. In 2018, Dongguan increased its investment and work intensity to promote water pollution control.
At the end of 2016, when the Central Environmental Protection Inspector Group conducted environmental protection inspections in Dongguan, one of the feedbacks was that the construction of the sewage pipe network in Dongguan was lagging behind, resulting in low sewage collection rate. Now two years later, the short-term lag of the construction of the sewage interception pipeline network in the city is gradually being completed. In 2017, the newly built sewage interception sub-management network is 767.81 kilometers, which is 1.5 times of the total construction in the past six years; the new city in 2018 The construction of the pipe network is 1,525 kilometers, about twice the amount built in 2017.
Pipe network construction lags behind the town street and is interviewed by the city leaders
“In addition to the return of individual workers, others are left to carry out construction.” During the National Day of 2018, the sub-management network project department of the Dongcheng Xiakou and Huying districts was intercepted, and the construction unit Hunan Wangxin Construction Group Dongguan Branch Chen Jinfu said that during the National Day, only a small number of people went home to visit relatives. Most of the managers and workers still kept their posts and ensured the progress of the construction of the interception network.
According to the introduction of the environmental protection department of Dongguan City, since 2017, the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have held high-standard city-wide environmental protection work conferences 17 times, and 11 meetings have been held to promote water pollution control. Dongguan has established several sets of leadership in the city to supervise the town and the city’s main leadership interview system, in which the city’s main leaders inspected the field in 1918.
Through the establishment of the problem list mechanism, the on-site headquarters of the sewage treatment facilities construction project of Dongguan City held weekly working meetings to coordinate and solve the problems existing in sewage treatment and solve more than 350 difficult problems. The command department also established a special supervision system, and carried out special supervision on the outstanding problems such as the lag of the inspection of the main pipe network. The assessment and accountability system will continue to be carried out, and a progress schedule will be conducted once a week. The ranking will be negotiated by the city leaders.
Faced with the situation of tight time and heavy tasks, the leaders of the towns and streets have supervised and directed the water management work, and the grassroots staff worked overtime to give up their vacations.
Dongguan City has also accelerated the construction of sewage treatment facilities, and has completed the construction of nine new sewage treatment plants with an additional sewage treatment capacity of 660,000 tons/day. Six are undergoing expansion. For the existing 34 sewage treatment plants, Dongguan City has carried out the upgrading project, of which 19 projects have started construction. Seven decentralized sewage treatment facilities have been completed, and 35 are being implemented.
“Sword Action” to inspect 1389 pollution sources
On November 13, 2018, in the factory of a science and technology park in Nanzha, Humen Town, law enforcement officers walked into the workshop on the second floor and saw a two-meter square tank storage tank connected to form a production line. There is a sink, which is filled with blackened waste water, and the sink is always connected to the municipal sewer.
After inspection, it turned out to be an unlicensed electrophoresis plant, and the sewage generated during the production process was directly discharged into the municipal sewer without any treatment. Subsequently, law enforcement officers of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau seized the factory that directly drained the wastewater.
Since 2018, in accordance with the “point-and-line” combination of enterprise micro-units, regional large-source sources, and key sources of river basins, Dongguan City has launched a series of special environmental protection actions for the “Lei Jian” series, and implemented key supervision on water pollution enterprises in key areas, cracking down severely Directly smuggling and arranging excessive illegal behaviors, and seriously investigating illegal and unlawful behaviors such as unapproved construction, untested first investment, unlicensed sewage discharge, and abnormal operation of water pollution prevention facilities.
In 2018, Dongguan City inspected 31,000 enterprises, investigated 4,330 environmental violations, seized 348 seizures, suspended production and limited production of 75 cases, transferred them to the public security organs for administrative detention in 6 cases, and transferred 38 cases of public security organs suspected of environmental crimes.
The Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau also launched a special environmental protection action for the “Lijian No.4” on the Maozhou River Basin, inspecting 1,389 sources of pollution in the basin, and investigating 23 serious environmental illegal enterprises such as smuggling, direct discharge and super-discharge of pollutants. Obtain evidence and conduct on-site seizure of 17 of them.
Dongguan Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau introduced that in 2018, the city will ensure the comprehensive assessment of the long system of the river system, strengthen the protection of drinking water sources, promote the construction of water treatment facilities and inland river remediation, deepen the management of non-point source pollution, and strengthen industrial pollution control. Section water quality. In 2018, the water quality of key river basins such as Shima River, Maozhou River and Dongguan Canal was significantly improved compared with 2017. The water quality of the seven provinces in the city was improved compared with 2017.

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