Understanding the Pipe Coating Process and Why It’s Better Than Full Replacement

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Trenchless pipe repair has become the main method for pipe repairs all across the country. The seamlessness of the process along with the stellar results make it far and above the prime way to reinforce existing pipes and avoid the work involved in full replacement.

There are many benefits to internal pipe coating, which is a process that takes much less time and works for both pressurized and non-pressurized systems it is the best option for all types of mechanical pipelines when they have deteriorated or are not allowing a productive flow anymore.

As an economical and efficient process, both home owners and businesses prefer internal pipe coating as opposed to other methods. There is minimal excavation and those in the building can go on with their daily routine during restoration. Pinhole leaks can be repaired with ease during this revolutionary internal pipe coating process.

History of the Process

Having been in North America since 1987, this method of pipe repair has taken some time to become popular. The United States Navy was the first customer to this process. The success is what led others to trying it out.

EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approval in 1988 was a turning point, and many companies both manufacture and install the liners or internal pipe coating. This gives those companies an edge over others that may do just one or the other.

Regardless, home and business owners will find that this method is extremely affordable in comparison to full replacement. It’s also much more economical, which may give the owner peace of mind.

Pipe Cleaning

The first step is pipe cleaning. This is where all water is drained from the pipes, and dry heated air is pumped through to ensure there is zero moisture left. Then sandblasting ensues which cleans and removes all corrosion that has built up and destroyed the pipes over time. It also creates a surface that is perfect for allowing epoxy to adhere.

Professionals then apply the internal pipe coating to the piping system using a filter system and quality air. This is done until the pipe is completely coated and a barrier is created consisting of internal pipe coating between the water and the pipe.

The process helps prevent future corrosion. It has been found that if done right, internal pipe coating outlasts all other methods of repair as it seals and protects the pipe’s interior. Steel, copper, iron and lead pipes can all benefit from internal pipe coating application.

A variety of pipes can also benefit. The method has been proven to work in potable and grey water systems, HVAC, fire suppression systems, compressed air, conduit, and water mains in residential, commercial and government properties.

System Re-assembly and Test

Once the internal pipe coating is applied, the professionals will re-assemble and test the pipes. Customers appreciate the quick service, little disruption to their day, long-lasting effects and preservation to the structure or surrounding landscaping.

The process is also low cost in comparison to full replacement. This is due to the amount of work involved with replacement which includes large machinery and weeks of excavation. Plus, many don’t consider they’ll have to replace grass and other plant life.

Walls, floors, ceilings and other structures may also have to be replaced as the workers will need to remove anything that is in the way of the existing pipes. Internal pipe coating only requires a small access area. Workers can check the pipes after application using a CCTV or wire mounted camera that can be inserted and fed through them.

Pipe Coating Application is by far the choice method for home and business owners in 2015. Those interested can usually get an estimate and will see how affordable and impressive the method is.

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