Pipe Coating – A Great Alternative That’s Trumping Traditional Methods

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Internal pipe coating is also known as epoxy pipe coating, and it’s a great method for repairs to pipes that are affected by corrosion, pinhole leaks and cracks. It should definitely be considered as an alternative to traditional repair, and for many reasons.

Main Benefits Epoxy Pipe Coating

There are many benefits to using pipe coating as opposed to traditional replacement. As long as the existing pipes are mostly intact, pinhole leaks will be fixed and the quality of the water will be stellar.

· Added benefits include:

· No tearing up floors and walls

· Cost-effective

· Takes days to weeks and not months

· Life of around fifty years


To implement epoxy pipe coating, there must first be an inspection. This is to take note of weak joints and possible spot repairs. Of course the pipes must be turned off and any standing water should be removed once valves are removed.

Then corrosion and rust are removed or cleaned from the water line, this step is repeated to make sure all debris is removed. The re-heating following this means the surface will be perfectly ready for the epoxy pipe coating, which is distributed through each segment of pipe using controlled air that’s optimal for epoxy curing.

Why Many Choose Epoxy Pipe Coating

There are plenty of reasons that smart home and business owners choose epoxy pipe coating methods over traditional replacement. Read on and see why it may be a great choice for the pipe issues at hand.

Less Destructive – The main draw to epoxy pipe coating is that there is minimal destruction and disruption to one’s daily routine. There are no walls, floors and yards destroyed and no long-term dealing with contractors. Why deal with the headache that comes along with more home repairs than necessary? The average time for epoxy pipe coating installation is just a few days as opposed to weeks.

Save Money – Epoxy methods cost around half as much as traditional methods for pipe repairs. The short installation means less spent on labor, and when aligned with the right team of professionals one can expect that the improvements will increase the overall worth of their property exponentially. Not to mention, all the money saved on potential repairs.

Protect Health – As long as the customer checks that the company that’s installing the pipe epoxy is NSF-approved, their water will be safe for drinking, bathing and cooking as it will no longer run through metal pipes. Reduce copper and lead levels to below the set EPA (environmental Protection Agency) required amounts.

Longer Life- While no studies have been performed that prove the life expectancy of epoxy pipe lining, it is believed to be up to 100 years and even longer. Restoring pipes reduces waste, and one can rest assured that the lifetime will be that equal to their own, or for as long as they own the building in question.

These are just some of the benefits, and the basic facts on epoxy pipe coating. Once settled on the right company for the job, they can explain more about the process and the potential benefits outside of those listed above. Chances are that anyone considering making the switch to this updated method of pipe restoration will be impressed with the information they receive, and anxious to get moving on this quick, permanent and healthy solution.

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